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The artist herbalist.

Hailing from what’s known as the “Gateway to the West” Danielle Caners comes to you from Manitoba, Canada, a historically sacred & energetic land where two great rivers meet.  Born in June 1993, two great rivers certainly meet within Danielle’s artwork where human consciousness and the natural world merge.

A rounded artist, who embodies the philosophy of personal development and consciousness, Danielle’s passion is the catalyst to her artistic evolution. A prolific reader and writer, her time is invested to studying the great body of wisdom; both ancient and modern. From a very early age, she was training for what was to come.

For Danielle, life is the classroom. From self publishing and selling her first book at 11, to attending the prestigious School of Art, Emily Carr, to artist residencies in India and teaching kids overseas, she draws inspiration from both formal education and self directed pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Learning from a wide network of talented and successful artists from Canada, US, Australia, China and India, Danielle has been recognized and donned with support from the greater art community across the world.

Danielle works as a fine artist and currently creates her worlds out of Manitoba, Canada. Breaking through the “Gateway to the west” she’s harnessing her studies to bring you exciting new works and bridging the gap between reality and imagination.

Danielle Caners in Studio.jpg