Since before I could write I kept journals. Fond memories dating back to childhood recall an evening ritual with my mother. Every night, she diligently transcribed my child self's gratitudes into a little mermaid notebook. This practice carried forward, progressing into school agendas coated in fruit stickers and neon gel pen and into it’s current incarnation: elaborate volumes where drawing and text collide. The melting pot of daily life. The mind made visible. Welcome to the artist journal

The journal is nothing short of sacred. It's an idea vault; a garden in which to nurture creative seeds. The best travel buddy, sticking by your side to collect the most inopportune notes. Years later it reflects life back at you, serving as a mirror of your psyche and charting your growth. Ultimately the journal becomes a most dynamic memoir, an informal autobiography. Fabulous for it's stains, tears, experiments, mistakes and dog eared corners; a testament of it's life.  A direct link between mind and hand, it’s our versatile and timeless analogue tool. Ever more relevant during this rapid movement to digital mediums.

Every page greets you with a new surprise. These covers protect pages of cryptic micro-text, mind maps, notes, reflections, lists, epiphanies, botanical pressings and drawings. My personal volumes gather as an archive. Life progressing before our eyes, a page at a time. What would Leonardo Da Vinci be without the legacy of his genius passed forward in his journals?

Above is a video tour of a 2013 volume. Sketchbook: Hobbit-themed Moleskine brand.