Danielle Caners is the pilot of a magnificent space shuttle bringing you on a journey to the depths of the earth, far into the cosmos and back to the core of your being. Her art is the synthesis of an untameable thirst to learn, create, and grow. Her paintings are tapestries of visual codes that reward viewers with new discoveries every time they are revisited - each one embedded with ancestral wisdom, wonder of nature and practical observations of what it is to live a fulfilled life. Danielle’s global reputation is a testament to the power of what she brings. She stands at the fulcrum of art, education and healing; guiding us to self-actualization.

Specializing in drawing and painting, Caners has grown into an inspirational speaker, giving workshops and producing books, videos and beyond. Danielle’s skills continue to adapt and expand into traditional painting methods, digital art, augmented reality and alternative means of story telling. Informed by her studies and work as a healer, Danielle marries ceremony, myth, ritual and art to offer people a multi-dimensional way to experience art. She is currently engaged in Cosmologia, a series of mandalas exploring the earth’s ancient and modern civilizations and how they guide our existence through cosmically inspired stories and myths.

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"Images communicate directly with the subconscious. They are portals to the ineffable. My mission is to use art to ignite the wonder, inspiration and potential inherent in us all."

Loving Words

Danielle’s work has opened up the floodgates of beauty and creativity, truly inspiring me to connect with my higher-self. More than just a beautiful piece of art, this is a healing tool, medicine, a highly detailed map to the chakra system. A guide in the ancient labyrinth of our ancestors that allows me to channel their wisdom through the elements and my supporting allies that accompany me on this magical earth walk. I am blessed to have the space to display this masterpiece. Thank you, Danielle, for the research, detail, and energy you pour into your wonderful paintings
— Eric, San Antonio, USA
First off, it needs to be said that what I received is beyond anything I ever expected - WOW! This is truly one of the most gorgeous and thoughtfully rendered pieces I own.
I could not be more excited - or more honored - to hang your interpretation of something that’s so important to me in my home.
From my core, I thank you for sharing your beauty and your vision with the world.
— Tonianne, Seattle, USA
Your pieces have made my small and comfortable place feel more comfortable, protected, and grounded. They are constant reminders of the beauty within and the grounding elements that surround us. They are also always beautiful to look at and admire!! Thank you so much again for your work and your perspective. Please continue to share your healing arts!
— Kelsey, San Francisco, USA
Danielle is a true renaissance genius in our time, and her art is HANDS DOWN the best artwork I’ve ever seen in life. Seriously, I’m blown to pieces by her work. Her journals look like Da Vinci’s. She’s a master.
— Cullen, San Antonio, USA
I look at my print every day, always thinking about how beautiful it is. It was one of the best things I ever bought for myself. Whenever someone comes in my room for the first time they ask about it.

I just wanted to say again: thank you so much for your incredible work, the energy you put into “Waking life” and all the positivity I get from it whenever I look at my wall. It will forever stay a part of my life! I hope you’re doing well and know that you’re making someone happy everyday anew.
— Isabel, Berlin, Germany
There’s something about your art that just... I don’t really know... Reminds me of my previous lifetimes or something. Dreams and the deepest heart desires and passions within me. It’s just so incredibly and beautifully organized and layed out and created. I really resonate with it!
— Christian, Winnipeg, Canada