A home is a temple. Every artifact within it creates a ripple and affects the way we think, feel and act. In ancient past we would collect artifacts of deep and profound meaning to encourage the spirit and act as a reminder of all that is important and cherished within our lives.

I aim to elevate and uplift the consciousness. Each piece is forged with this spirit and is meant to nourish your eyes, mind and soul. The longer you look, the more you will see as each piece is embedded with ancient wisdom and knowledge. It is a great honour that you choose to welcome them into your home, may they serve you well.

Whether it is meant to serve as a reminder, stimulate interesting conversation, as a gift or just to add some beauty to your temple - I am humbled that you are here and welcome any questions or feedback.

For a list of available Originals feel free to contact me at info@daniellecaners.com

Every print is produced on quality canvas or art grade paper with archival ink. That means they look better, feel better and last longer. Unless otherwise specified, yours will come with a 1” white border.

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Expedited shipping avail