Plans and process of "Union"

Oil Paint and Egg Tempera of Primed Paper
20" x 16"

An inner journey calls to each of us.
A quest to evolve, grow and become the greatest being we can.
This is a personal journey, which we alone can accomplish.

With the daily ebb and flow of life it can be easy to forget.  
But if we ignore it, as many do, it isn’t without consequence.
Each soul seeks balance. 
We are all made up of both feminine and masculine energy.
When in balance these underlying psychological forces offer us the best of our abilities;
We act with intelligence as opposed to cold intellect, with intention instead of reactivity.
We speak through Wisdom free of grandiosity. We connect with people and empower them instead of seeking gain, projecting and doubting. 
We embody confidence free from conceit or vanity. 
These archetypes of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine are seen throughout the ages in the great myths and stories of our ancestors. They are the opposing electric and magnetic forces. They are the Yin and Yang of our existence. 
The Sacred Masculine represents the external force or Yang energy.
Its qualities are; Logic, analysis, reason, action, strategy, passion, courage, thinking,  planning, intellectual intelligence (IQ).
The Sacred Feminine represents the internal force or Yin energy.
Its qualities are; Intuition, creativity, compassion, acceptance, nurturing, receptivity, feeling, abstraction, emotional intelligence (EQ)

Before we can embody the Union of these two forces, most of us will have unconsciously lived and learned the extremes of either polar. 
As much as the positive of either polar can be world changing, so too can the negative consequences of their imbalance. In order to maintain and honor this Union of forces we must learn to free ourselves from the unconscious reactivity of either polar.
To do that we need not look further than the saying "Know thyself." 
When we learn to see ourselves free of bias and ask the questions; "What parts of my acting self have I actually chosen? What parts represent my higher self? Which represent imbalance?" we begin to see the nature of our being. 
If we are quiet enough to listen to our subconscious thoughts and to let them pass without judgment, they can no longer control us. Little by little the unconscious habitual thoughts and beliefs that do not represent our higher being, will begin to fade. 
This is a key part of the journey. The Hero’s Journey! It's a lifelong process of self discovery, rebirth and giving that infuses life with meaning. It's this inner balance and personal Union that allows to trek the noble path! 

The more we do the inner work, the more we become a magnet of positive forces. 
This magnet begins to attract enlightening people and events; almost as if the Universe conspires for your success. 
By doing this work we hold the space necessary to invite into our world the Yin to our Yang and the Yang to our Yin. That special someone.  The person who feels so distinctly familiar to you.  Like you've known them in a past lifetime.  An energy that feels so naturally in sync with our own. Your twin soul! 
But in order to recognize and synchronize with this person, your inner balance is essential.
By doing the self work we learn to recognize the things that best harmonize with you. We learn to tune the inner compass.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to find all the barriers within yourself that you built against it.” Rumi

When these two forces meet internally and externally we no longer live in polarity. Only Wholeness. Purpose. Union. 

 Plans and process of "Union"

Plans and process of "Union"